Fire Department

Fairview Volunteer Fire Department

[In an emergency, DIAL 9-1-1]

Address: 59 Anderson Avenue
Fairview, NJ 07022

Phone: 201-943-3300 (non-emergency business) 
Fax: (201) 943-3534

Chief: Bernard Bulay

Battalion Chiefs:

Grandview Co. #1                            Douglas Wallace

Hose Co. #3                       Paul Neville

Tiger Hose Co.#1                Gerard DelVecchio


Grandview Co.1                              Michael Manzo

Hook & Ladder Co. # 2                   Dennis Licameli

Hose Co. #3                                  Vincent M. Bellucci

Tiger Hose Co.#1                           Michael Kees


Grandview Co.1                             Lionel Mark Chin

Hose Co. #3                      Mohamed Abdah

Hook & Ladder Co. #2        Raphael Lozano

Tiger Hose Co.1                               David Masso

The fire service in the United States has a rich tradition of volunteer fire departments dating back to the 1700’s. In most small to m id-size towns today, volunteer departments continue to provide quality, cost effective fire protection services to the community.  In fact 73% of all firefighters in the United States are volunteers.

Fairview Volunteer Fire Department was formed by citizens like you, to protect life and property.  Since then we have remained a strong volunteer organization.  All members are volunteers, meaning that we work full time jobs in addition to the time we give to volunteer.  Why do we do this?  Some do it because someone else in our family was also a volunteer firefighter, others do it because we simply want to give back to the community and have an interest in firefighting. 







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