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Fairview Volunteer Fire Department


If you have an emergency, CALL 9-1-1

The 24 Hour Police Desk Number is (201) 943-2100



Vincent M. Bellucci

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Battalion Chiefs

Hook & Ladder Co. #2: Dennis Licameli 

Tiger Hose Co. #1: John Migliaccio

Grandview Co. #1: Michael Manzo



Grandview Co. #1: Lionel Chin

Hose Co. #3: Mohamed Abdah

Hook & Ladder Co. #2: Ralph Lozano

Tiger Hose Co. #1: Alex Gaudiosi



Grandview Co. 1: Jose Marquez

Hose Co. #3:  John Pinzone

Hook & Ladder Co. #2: Kristian Vera

Tiger Hose Co. #1: Daniel Manzo


Fairview Volunteer Fire Department was formed by citizens like you, to protect life and property.  Since then we have remained a strong volunteer organization.  All members are volunteers, meaning that we work full-time jobs in addition to the time we give to volunteer.  Why do we do this?  Some do it because someone else in our family was also a volunteer firefighter, and others do it because we simply want to give back to the community and have an interest in firefighting. 


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