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The Borough of Fairview has a total number of 25 licenses, which consist of the following:


·         3 Licenses are Number 31 Licenses, a Club License that entitles the licensee to sell alcoholic beverages only for immediate consumption on the licensed premises and only to bona fide club members and their guests.

·         1 License is a Number 32 which is a Plenary Retail Consumption License with Broad Package Privilege.

·         13 Licenses are Number 33 Licenses, which is a Plenary Retail Consumption Liquor License. This retail consumption license entitles the licensee to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the licensed premises and also to sell in original containers for consumption off the premises.

·         8 Licenses are Number 44 Licenses, which is a Plenary Retail Distribution License and entitles the licensee to only sell alcoholic beverages in original containers for the consumption off the licenses premises.


When viewing the Liquor License List, please note that all efforts have made to accurately reflect the correct information. However, data could be different than what is on the list. The list will be updated based on changes in license information or at a minimum every three months. If you have any specific questions about a liquor license, contact the Borough Clerk’s Office at (201) 943-3300 Ext. 219


COVID-19 Expansion Permits

Licensees that have on-premises retail consumption privileges may apply to The NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control for a COVID-19 Expansion Permit to allow the licensee to temporarily expand its licensed premises to include adjacent and contiguous outdoor areas, and also non-contiguous outdoor areas that are within reasonable proximity of the licensed premises.

Application for, and issuance of, the COVID-19 Expansion Permit, will be through POSSE. The fee is $75.00. The duration of the Permit will run from its date of issuance through November 30, 2020. If the outdoor expansion area is public property (such as a sidewalk) the licensee must have the written approval of the Township.

For more complete details see the following documents:

NJ ABC Details

Governor's Executive Order 150

NJ Department of Health Rules






The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law provides for an issuing authority to issue, renew, transfer retail licenses and provides for enforcement of the law, A.B.C. rules and regulations and local ordinances pertaining to the control of alcoholic beverages.


  • Issuance of liquor licenses
  • Annual renewal of liquor licenses
  • Transfer of liquor licenses
  • Enforcement of the law, A.B.C. rules and regulations and local
  • Oversee ABC Board monthly meetings


Requesting a Liquor License

If you wish to request the liquor license, please mail your request to:
Borough Clerk’s Office
Borough of Fairview
59 Anderson Avenue
Fairview, NJ 07022


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